PCm Italy declaration


PCm Italy supports people’s war in India, Philippines; supports people’s war road in Turkey; supports PCP’s Reorganization in Perù on basis of marxism-leninism-maoism, experience’s balance of PCP/Gonzalo’s Tought application, for the continuity of People’s war in Perù; support the buildings of MLM parties for people’s war in oppressed countries in the world in Asia Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, ecc./Africa, principally in arab countries Middle East, Maghreb, Persic Gulf,/Latin America, supports the building of  marxist-leninist-maoist parties in imperialist and capitalist countries for the proletarian and socialist revolution based on class war, revolutionary war, people’s war

PCm Italy supports and works for an Unified International Conference of all mlm parties and organisations on basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, on the balance of the application of mlm on different parties and organisations in their countries in the years post GRCP in China, on the balance of RIM esperience and history – against revisionist line AvakianPCRUSA/Prachanda/LOD in Perù and ‘leftism and revolutionarism pretty bourgeois’ for a New international mlm organisation today, as second step towards a new Communist International

PCm Italy supports the issue of a new series of the international revew  MaoistRoad with a new international Board for serving these tasks and calls for intensifing the support to people’s war in India. 

On this bases PCm Italy  demands partecipes and organises all bilatelar and multilatelar meetings with presence and on line with all mlm parties and organisations in this no easy conditions.

PCm Italy prepares and contributes to a May Day 2021 Joint Declaration

PCm Italy

International Board of CC


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