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Present International, Domestic situation – Our tasks

The capitalist-imperialist system is in economic crisis worldwide since 2008. The intensifying general crisis is bringing in great changes in world politics. US started to become strategically weak since mid-1970s and lost the status of superpower by the beginning of second decade of 21st century. Yet US imperialism stands the number one enemy of the people of the world. Social- imperialist China became the main contender to the US in economic, political and military sectors for the past decade and is competing for the re-division of world. COVID pandemic that started affecting in the beginning of 2020 continues in certain countries though less intensely. The ongoing contradictions among the imperialists led to Ukraine-Russia war since 2022 February. Tensions are on the rise between US and China on the issue of Taiwan. The preparations for war of imperialist countries for re-division of the world is stepping up the danger of World War III. The past few years have been witnessing a spate of anti-imperialist struggles in the backward countries and a spate of working class struggles in capitalist-imperialist countries all over the world. The sharpening fundamental contradictions at the international level are leading to these developments.  

The contradictions are:

  1. The contradiction between imperialism and oppressed nationalities and people
  2. The contradiction between bourgeoisie and proletariat in capitalist, imperialist countries
  3. The contradictions among imperialist countries and among monopoly capitalist

The contradiction between imperialism and oppressed nationalities and people is the main contradiction. Let us analyse the developments that came forth out of all these in the past two years and the favourable situation for revolution.

The contradiction between imperialism and oppressed nationalities and people  Imperialists have been unleashing globalisation policies for the past three decades through their agents, the comprador bureaucratic capitalists and landlords in Asian, African and Latin American countries. They are indiscriminately looting the natural wealth, cheap labour force and markets of these countries through Foreign Direct Investments, loans and aid. They are looting the savings of middle class people through Foreign Institutional Investment in the speculative market. Imperialists are imposing high duties on imports in their countries and are following protective policies. On the other hand, they are pressurising the backward countries not to impose high duties on their exports. US and its allies Britain, France and Germany have been making
wars of aggression on the countries that did not heed to their dictates. The comprador rulers are selling off public sector industries and properties to imperialists, domestic and foreign corporate companies in the name of privatisation as a part of imperialist globalisation.

They are lifting welfare schemes or reducing allotment of funds. They are raising taxes on drinking water, irrigation water, transport, electricity and other such things. This resulted in decrease of purchasing power of the people. Prices of essential commodities are sky-rocketing. Comprador rulers are cruelly suppressing the struggling people and their struggles against the pro-imperialist globalisation policies unleashed by the governments. All these are intensifying the contradiction between imperialism and oppressed nationalities and people.

Since the world economic crisis in 2008, people’s struggles against imperialism all over the world and against imperialist comprador ruling classes in the respective countries intensified. Exploitive ruling classes imposed  lockdowns in the name of containing COVID pandemic. This especially shrunk the lives of the working class, peasantry, middle class and small capitalists all over the world. The small and medium kind capitalists are forced to sell off their industries to the comprador bureaucratic capitalists and Multi-National corporates companies, to sub-contract for giant corporate companies and to restructure. Acquisitions and takeovers of small companies by big corporate companies is rising all over the world. With this, there is a rise in concentration and accumulation of capital with the giant corporate companies. Wealth is being accumulated in an unprecedentedly large scale for a handful of MNCs and TNCs in all sectors. Contention further increased among these corporations to loot natural wealth, cheap labour force and markets, for their areas of influence and to sustain their hegemony on those.

People of Latin American countries are on one hand making street fights against imperialist globalisation and on the other are electing candidates of leftparties. We see such candidates being elected Presidents in Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Honduras and Brazil in 2020 to mid-October 2022. In fact, these left parties are fundamentally in the interests of imperialists, comprador bureaucratic capitalist and feudal classes. These countries mainly unleash policies in favour of Russian and Chinese imperialists. These countries nationalise the investments of MNCs and TNCs of the US and West European countries in the name of nationalisation policies, or else do not permit the investments of those companies in their countries. To an extent, those serve the
interests of national capitalists, workers and middle classes.

With the rise in exploitation and oppression of the imperialists and comprador bureaucratic capitalists, presently all countries such as Tunisia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Egypt, Panama, Ecuador, El Salvador, Argentina, Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India are caught in the web of high prices, inflation, poverty, unemployment and burden of loans. Outdated semi-feudal exploitation is seen in all these countries. These are making the people’s lives miserable and they are making struggles against imperialism and its compradors, the comprador bureaucratic capitalists and landlords.

Food and economic crisis in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal and other such countries are leading to political crisis. There is a rise in contradictions among ruling class cliques. People of these countries are making militant struggles. The President of Sri Lanka had to leave the country in 2022 when people encircled the Presidential palace in protest to food crisis and high prices.

Anti-imperialist, anti-feudal revolutionary movements have been going on in certain countries since the past. Although the revolutionary movement in Philippines suffered certain losses in the recent period, it is advancing in the path of Protracted People’s War. Indian Revolutionary movement is putting up stiff
resistance to the heavy offensive unleashed by the enemy and sustaining. Revolutionary movement is re-consolidating in Turkey. Although weak, revolutionary movement in Peru is going on. Revolutionary movement is in primary level in Columbia. People of Palestine are fighting with dare for the liberation of their motherland in the leadership of Hamas against the chauvinist aggression, military massacres and aerial attacks of Israel with the support ofUS. Nationality liberation struggles are going on in few Asian, African and Latin American countries against imperialism……


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