To establish the principles of an international Maoist Center, there should be persistent and comprehensive efforts

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After addressing the distortions and submissive actions within the Piru Communist Party, rectifying the Parachanda revisionism in the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), and countering the post-Marxism-Leninism-Maoism revisionism within the Revolutionary Communist Party of America, the activities and influence of the Internationalist Revolutionary Movement Committee gradually waned. Eventually, the committee was disbanded by the revisionist faction of the Revolutionary Communist Party of America and their Iranian adherents who had gained control over it. Subsequently, the Maoist parties and organizations across different countries, including the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan, began their resolute battle against this new wave of revisionism. They consistently and principledly engaged in ideological and political struggles against this new form of revisionism, both within their own countries and on the international stage. The efforts of the Maoist parties and organizations led to the marginalization of Avakian’s “new syntheses” revisionism, which failed to establish itself among global Maoist entities, resulting in its thorough widely isolation from the international Maoist movement.

Worldwide Maoist parties and organizations, including the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan, endeavored to convene at an international level. These endeavors culminated in the publication of a joint declaration by various Maoist parties and organizations on May 1st 2009, followed by the establishment of a dedicated conference for the organizations of the revolutionary movement known as the Internationalists. During this conference, the focus was placed on analyzing the ideological-political and organizational factors that contributed to the decline of the internationalist revolutionary movement. This conference fostered a conducive atmosphere for concerted efforts aimed at resolving the fragmentation within the internationalist revolutionary movement, offering a glimmer of hope for the unification of the global Maoist movement. Despite the challenges posed by previous revisionist deviations that created ideological and political ambiguities within certain Maoist parties and organizations, obstacles were encountered that hindered the realization of a new Maoist assembly, an issue that remains unresolved.

Regrettably, the continuity of these discussions was disrupted for several years. Our party recognizes the current dearth of international leadership and coordination among Maoist forces across the world. Foremost among the requisites for the international Maoist movement is the establishment of a leading and coordinating international organization.

The Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan is eager to rekindle these discussions and propel them forward consistently. This commitment demands heightened efforts surpassing prior attempts. In the 8th issue of Shola Jawid, dated May 2016 (Sour-1395), in the fourth round of discussions titled “Struggle for Establishing an International Maoist Center through the Formation of an International Maoist Conference,” our party asserted:

“The intensification of efforts toward forming an international conference of Maoist parties and organizations from diverse countries, drafting and ratifying a fresh international organizational statement and by-laws in lieu of the former statement and organizational regulations of the internationalist revolutionary movement, and establishing a primary international Maoist center instead of the ‘RIM’ committee for the international Marxist-Leninist-Maoist movement have become an immediate and compelling international necessity.”

Once again, we underscore the urgency of creating an international organization capable of guiding and coordinating the actions of Maoist parties and organizations globally. It is imperative to resume this discourse in order to swiftly address the splintering within the international communist movement (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist). This is essential for the formation of new Maoist parties in various countries and to ignite and fortify people’s war revolutions in countries where they have yet to commence.

To effectively counter imperialism, reaction, revisionism, and opportunism — especially Avakian’s “new syntheses” revisionism — a unified and resonant international voice for advocacy and promotion is indispensable. It is crucial to engage in regular, principled, constructive, and fruitful discussions regarding points of contention within the international Maoist movement.

To competently meet these requirements in a principled, accurate, and effective manner, it is imperative to expeditiously establish an international Maoist center through the convening of an international Maoist conference. This initiative will serve to rectify the current fragmentation within the movement. Consequently, the collective effort to establish a primary Maoist center, formulate and endorse a new international organizational statement and charter, must be pursued with unwavering dedication.

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

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