Declaration of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan
About the fall and collapse of the puppet regime and the urgent tasks of our struggle


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The Imperialist Occupiers Led by US Imperialism, spent around $ 1 trillion in building and setting up the puppet regime and security forces over the past twenty years of its occupation. Despite all the expenditure we witnessed the sudden and quick collapse of the puppet regime and its army against Taliban attacks. The swift fall of the puppet regime stunned the whole world. The countries in the surrounding region, especially Russian imperialism and Chinese social imperialism also played a role in the rapid collapse of the puppet regime. However, the American occupiers plan to organize the Taliban regime according to their interests by deploying 7,000 fresh troops to Afghanistan. The Americans are well aware that Russian imperialism and Chinese social imperialism are not giving up their interests in Afghanistan. The announcement of the not-evacuation of the Russian and Chinese embassies from Afghanistan as well as the support from both countries to the Taliban is a warning signal to the occupying US imperialists. Therefore, the American occupiers plan to play a key role in rebuilding and setting up the Taliban regime.

It was for this reason that the new military forces of the American occupiers did not only take no actions in order to prevent the Taliban forces from entering Kabul, but also helped their uninterrupted arrival and entrance into the presidential palace. Consequently, after twenty years, the white flag of the Taliban regime was raised once again over the country which officially signalled their return to power. Twenty years ago, the imperialist occupiers, led by the occupying US imperialism, invaded Afghanistan under the deceptive slogans of “fighting terrorism” and “freeing women from Taliban captivity” and thus occupied Afghanistan with the fall of the “Islamic Emirate”.

Simultaneously, with the occupation of the country, on the 22nd of June 2002, the Maoist forces, in a statement entitled “Emergency Loya Jirga” or “Ridiculous demonstration of the aggressor imperialists and their puppet reactionaries” condemned the occupation of the country and exposed the sinister goals of the occupier imperialists.

Patriots and nationalists took this aggressive occupation as a good sign and expressed their gratitude to the imperialist occupiers and the “United Nations” and called the occupation “the beginning of hope for the tearful eyes of the wounded nation of Afghanistan.” They all declared: “Now that the cradle of Taliban savagery and the main nests of corruption and unbridled terrorism have been removed from the lap of the motherland and the beginning of hope is blowing in the tearful eyes of the wounded nation of Afghanistan.” “Genuine national and progressive currents, with such great historical support and its integration with the general tendency of our Muslim people, can open the gates of happiness, prosperity, progress and liberation one after another.” And in order to subjugate the working people of the country as much as possible, they wrote the book “The Model of American Democracy …” and justified their surrender to the occupiers.

The Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan explicitly declared that the issue of surrendering to the imperialist occupiers is a national betrayal. We have stated that the imperialist occupiers rely on the most traitorous, medieval and quisling people, and in fact the greatest terrorists in the world are the imperialists who have close ties to international terrorism. But those who surrendered are trying to justify and make it look like that the imperialist occupiers are against terrorism but in fact they are the founders of terrorism.

The Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan’s analysis of imperialism and the occupation of the country was a correct and principled Marxist-Leninist-Maoist analysis. The prediction made through the analysis has been proven true twenty years later today, and practically unveiled the false claims made under that the slogans of “fight against terrorism” and ” The liberation of women from the clutches of the Taliban” proposed by the occupiers and the puppet regime was nothing more than an absurd and deceptive slogan used as a Concealer cover for their occupation of the country.

The US imperialism of Occupier, under the guise of these deceptive slogans, sought to impose its hegemony on the world, especially in Central Asia, the Middle East and South Asia. The American occupiers, with their ambitions, wanted to control the region through Afghanistan, which had a special strategic position, but were not successful in achieving those ambitions due to the rise of their strategic rivals (Russia and China) in the region.

The Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan has always insisted that whenever the interests of the imperialist occupiers, and especially the American imperialists, requires it, they are willing to give up all their slogans and put all their past and present mercenaries under one umbrella of the so-called inclusive Islamic government.

The games of US imperialism played behind the scene clearly show that they want to secure their interests in the region through the Taliban. For this reason, they could not save the puppet regime from certain collapse because the American occupiers were well aware that the Russian imperialism, Chinese social imperialism, Iran and Pakistan have facilitated the Taliban and sought to overthrow the puppet regime. The rapid fall of the cities and provinces evoked this matter. Therefore, The US imperialist occupiers helped the Taliban reach the presidential palace.

When the Taliban improved their ties with Chinese social imperialism and Russian imperialism, and the US imperialism reached a dead end militarily in the war in Afghanistan, the American imperialists had no choice but to compromise with the Taliban to secure their interests in the region. It was this reactionary policy of American imperialism that led to the fall of the puppet regime within days.

Twenty years of occupation have shown quite well that the people advocating surrender and those who surrendered have tried their utmost effort to serve the imperialist occupiers and the puppet regime.

One of the main barriers in launching and advancing the revolutionaries, nationals and peoples war of resistance (Peoples’ War), is the action of the so-called leftist movement, especially the “Afghanistan Liberation Organization” and “Afghanistan Peoples Liberation Organization.”

The Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan expects both organizations to examine their past correctly, scientifically, logically and deal with it critically, to be useful in the way of the unity of the Maoist movement in the country.

In the dealings between the US occupiers with the Taliban and the reactionaries, the occupation of the country will remain at a lower level, and on the other hand, the imposition of Islamic regime Sharia in Afghanistan will be stricter than before, and overall peace in Afghanistan seems unlikely. After the fall of their puppet regime, the occupying imperialists tried to unite all the declining and medieval forces under the name of “Inclusive Sovereignty”.

We believe that with the advent of a post-agreement regime (“inclusive regime”) in which the Taliban will play a key role, there will be no peace based on the highest interests of Afghanistan’s toiling masses and the country’s independence, and it seems that we will continue to fight and strive hardly for the complete overthrow of the regime and the expulsion of their imperialist supporters.

With the collapse of Ashraf Ghani’s puppet regime, there is precisely a shift in main contradictions. Therefore, we must welcome the new situation and adjust our campaign approaches accordingly.

In the current situation of urgent struggle, we must not overlook the urgent task of struggle. Our urgent task in the current condition is to expose the intelligence warfare of the US imperialist occupiers and the countries of the region, including Russia and China, and the post-agreement puppet regime, the so-called all-encompassing regime that the imperialists are trying to establish.

The Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan calls on all Maoists and national-democratic and revolutionary forces in Afghanistan to understand the urgent need for the current struggle and to move forward towards the unity of all Maoists and all national-democratic and revolutionary forces. The Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan will do its utmost in this regard and direction.

Long live the unity of all the Maoist forces and all the national-democratic and revolutionary forces of the country!

Advance towards launching and carrying forward a revolutionary and national people’s war of resistance!

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

28 – 5 – 1400

August 19, 2021