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All the imperialist countries proclaim to be defenders of freedom, democracy and world peace. They all pretext to fight against dictatorships and international terrorism. But indeed they are the worst terrorist dictators in the world. They speak about peace but frantically prepare for a new war of global robbery. They strengthen the arms industry. They increase their arsenals. They mobilize huge war machines mainly towards Eastern Europe. They sponsor the already prolonged wars against the peoples of Palestine, Syria, Yemen. They are inciting the outbreak of new reactionary wars in the Taiwan Strait, on the Korean peninsula, in the East China Sea, on the Ukrainian-Belarus border, on the sea border between Greece and Turkey. NATO, commanded by Yankee imperialism, in Ukraine through the puppet regime of Kiev, confronts its mercenary armies, weapons and military chiefs, with the military might of Russian imperialism. Both sides concoct pretexts to use nuclear weapons. The inter-imperialist contradictions sharpened to the point that a new nuclear world war is no longer a latent imperialist danger, but an imminent risk for the existence of world society and its habitat.

The world imperialist system, decadent and decomposed, in its inevitable one-way march towards the grave, has unloaded on society the terrible consequences of the increasingly acute world economic crisis, and with it, has extended and deepened in all continents social, health and environmental crises. For the insatiable imperialists, the monopolization and accumulation of capital at the cost of the global exploitation of social labor, the usurious export of financial capital, the destruction of nature, the plundering of the oppressed countries, is not enough. The crises of their system, mainly the economic one, impel the imperialists to carry out a new division of the already divided world. A new division that can only be achieved by economic force, financial force, military force, the force of the world war between a few imperialist countries in decline and others fighting for world hegemony, as a product of the inexorable economic law of the uneven development of the imperialist countries.

But the same economic and social causes that push the imperialists to wars of robbery, become unlivable, unbearable material conditions for the slaves of capital, material conditions of the rebellion of the exploited proletarians, peoples, nations and countries oppressed by the monopolies and imperialist countries. And it is up to the International Communist Movement to bring them the revolutionary conscience, organize and transform the rebellions into a revolutionary struggle against the common enemy: the world capitalist system of oppression and exploitation.

It is up to the communists to give an example of internationalist unity and struggle against the preparations for a new imperialist world carnage; join and coordinate efforts to promote the revolutionary struggle of the proletarian armies in all countries against the mobilization of troops and weapons for reactionary wars; construct a common front with all the revolutionaries and democratic sectors that oppose the support and military commitment of the lackey regimes with their imperialist masters; reject and denounce as traitors the opportunist satraps who, in the name of the proletariat and the peoples, give support to one of the imperialist factions, when they are all deadly enemies of the oppressed and exploited of the world; relentlessly support the revolutionary struggle led by genuine Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communists, mainly the people’s war in India that, together with other people’s wars, today are the vanguard of the World Proletarian Revolution, against imperialism and its reactionary national watchdogs.

Imperialist capitalism is in crisis! Long live Socialism and Communism!

Or the revolution stops the war or the war unleashes the revolution!

Workers and peoples of the world, unite against imperialism!

Communist Worker Union (mlm) Colombia

Construction Committee of the Maoist Communist Party of Galicia

Maoist Communist Party – Italy

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

Red Road of Iran(maoist group)

Communist Party of Nepal (Bahumat)

Communist Party of India (Maoist)

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